Rabbit Hash Museum Building (Rabbit Hash, Ky.)



Rabbit Hash Museum Building (Rabbit Hash, Ky.)


Floor Plan: Single Pen, Square
This diminutive log structure houses the Rabbit Hash historical museum. It was reconstructed using logs salvaged from two demolished buildings, which were found lying in a pile on the ground. Built to one-and-a-half stories, the museum is square in plan. The side-gabled roof is covered with raised-seam metal. The logs are joined with steeple or V-notching: the notch type most commonly used in the county. The street facade contains a 6/6 wood window and a batten door. The building rests on piers of squared limestone. Metal straps fasten the building to its foundation.
When footers were dug for this museum's foundation, artifacts from the Rabbit Hash Blacksmith Shop (BE 1403) and Coal Lot were found, suggesting that these businesses had once been located here (National Register of Historic Places Registration Form and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky: River Born, Kentucky Bred by Donald Clare).

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Construction Date: 1800-1824


Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory designation: BE 1201

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10021 Lower River Road

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Rabbit Hash Museum Building

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