Petersburg (Ky.)


Petersburg (Ky.)
Alternate name
Caledonia (Boone County, Ky.)
Tanner's Station (Ky.)
Originally known as Tanner's Station from 1785-1806, then Caledonia, and finally Petersburg in 1818, it was the largest community in Boone County until the Civil War and the coming of the railroad. The town featured a well laid-out grid street plan, the large Boone County Distilling Company, several other smaller industries, two taverns, many active community businesses and a bustling riverfront.
Petersburg retains many fine examples of early Boone County building traditions, both residential and commercial.
Tanner's Station was the first settlement in Boone County, Kentucky. Baptist Reverend, John Tanner, bought 2000 acres with John Taylor along the Ohio River in 1791 from John Woolpur of Philadelphia. Reverend John Tanner settled in what is now known as Petersburg, Kentucky, although the name Petersburg was not decided until 1818. Tanner's Station was built on a Fort Ancient Indian village dating to about AD 1200. This site was very conspicuous for Indians with its fertile land and being right on the river.
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