Early Settlers' Memorial (Rabbit Hash, Ky.)



Early Settlers' Memorial (Rabbit Hash, Ky.)


This sign was put up in 1984 in remembrance of the early settlers of the Carlton Precinct, using information from Lake's '1883 Atlas of Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties'.
LISTED NAMES: William Hodges; Captain John Craig; Mrs. M. Carlton; Thomas P. Marshall; Milton Kirtley; John Q. A. Stephens; James A. Wilson; Thaddeus C. S. Ryle; John C. McConnell; Washington L. O'Neal; Captain Jim Hastings; B.C. Calvert; J. H. Williamson; P. C. Holmes; Harriet Walton; Jacob Piatt; Andrew J. Dolph; Chas Bodie; Luwies C. Cowen; Garrett Vanness; William Willie Nelson

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Early Settlers' Memorial in Rabbit Hash, Ky.