1848--Freedom for Garrett Barkshire


1848--Freedom for Garrett Barkshire
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The son of Samuel Barkshire and Frances Newman, he was an Underground Railroad conductor, he worked on riverboats which traveled south to New Orleans and brought freedom seekers back. He was born in Boone County, enslaved by the Barkshire family and was possibly transferred to Joseph and Nancy Hawkins. In Rising Sun by 1836, he was officially manumitted in 1848. He was married twice and died in Terre Haute, IN in 1894.
African American(s): Garrett Barkshire; Samuel Barkshire; Frances Newman
Barkshire, Garrett [1]
Barkshire, Samuel
Newman, Frances Harriet
Slave holder(s): Hawkins, Joseph; Hawkins, Nancy
Hawkins, Joseph
Hawkins, Nancy
Bibliographic citation
"More Western Memories: How slaves were harbored and forwarded to canada before the war," Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, N.Y., 24 May 1887
Ohio County Deed Book B, page 421

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Barkshire, Dickey Person
Barkshire, Garrett [1] Person
Barkshire, Samuel Person
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