Johnson, Cave


Johnson, Cave
Johnson, Col. William Cave
Cave Johnson was among the most prominent early Boone County citizens. The son of William and Elizabeth Johnson, Cave was born 15 November 1760 in Orange Co., Virginia. He served as a Private in the Revolutionary War, then came to Kentucky in April of 1779, spending time at Bryant's Station near Lexington.
On 1 February 1784 Johnson married Betsy Craig, and they moved to Woodford County. In 1786 he served with General George Rogers Clark under Colonel William Steele as a Captain.
Johnson was clerk to the Quarter Sessions of the Woodford County Court from 1789-1796. In 1792 he was one of the trustees appointed to lay off the town of Versailles.
In 1796 he moved to the North Bend of the Ohio River in what was then Campbell County, and soon after united with the Baptist Church at Bullittsburg by letter. He served as County Clerk for Boone County from 1799 to 1811. At some point he was appointed Colonel of Militia and he served in this post until 1819. About this time he became Justice of the Peace until 1833, when he became Sheriff of Boone County at the venerable age of 73. He was elected to the Kentucky Legislature in 1817. In 1819 he became a charter member of the Sand Run Baptist Church.
Betsy (Craig) Johnson died 11 March 1833. Cave Johnson and his second wife, Sarah T. Keene, were married 2 Oct 1834. Sarah died 30 September 1835, at just over forty years of age. Cave Johnson and Margaret C. Keene were married 1 December 1836. She died in 1855, surviving him by five years. He died 19 January 1850, and was buried at the Sand Run Baptist Church Cemetery. He was ninety years old.
Birth date
15 Nov 1760
Place of birth
Orange County (Va.)
Johnson, William
Cave, Elizabeth
Life event(s)
Marriage 1: 1 Feb 1784; Kentucky
Marriage 2: 2 Oct 1834; Boone County (Ky.)
Boone County (Ky.)
Marriage 3: 1 Dec 1836; Kentucky
Craig, Elizabeth "Betsey"
Keene, Sarah T.
Keene, Margaret C.
Johnson, John Quaro
Johnson, Sallie
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Younger
Johnson, Nancy Ann
Johnson, Cave Jr.
Johnson, Betsey
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, Lucinda
Johnson, Harriet
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Polly
Death date
19 Jan 1850
Place of death
Boone County (Ky.)
County Clerk
Boone County (Ky.). Justice of the Peace
State representative
Military service
unit unknown (Revolution, 1775-1783)
United States of America
Held rank
Place of enlistment
Known enslaved: unknown, Alec [1]; unknown, Henry [8]; unknown, John [20]; unknown, Lahomena a.k.a Linny a.k.a Johnson, Pigeon; unknown, Moses [10]; unknown, Squire [5]; unknown, Tombolen; Philips, Almeda; Losford, Benjamin, Losford, Sally
Losford, Abraham
Losford, Benjamin F.
Losford, Sally
Philips, Almeda
unknown, Alec [1]
unknown, Henry [8]
unknown, John [20]
unknown, Lahomena
unknown, Moses [10]
unknown, Squire [5]
unknown, Tombolen
Enslaved held in 1840: 1 Male, 55-99 years old; 1 Male, 36-54 years old; 1 Male, 10-23 years old; 7 Males, under 10 years old; 2 Females, 36-54 years old; 1 Female, 24-35 years old; 1 Female, 10-23 years old
Bibliographic citation(s)
Lineage Book : NSDAR : Volume 025 : 1898, memorial #13404450

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