Parsons, Milly


Parsons, Milly
unknown, Milly [16]
Milly, described in legal documents as a "black woman," was received by experience as a member of the Middle Creek Baptist Church on February 13th, 1818. Larkin Ryle accused Milly of adultery in February 1830, and she was subsequently excluded from the church in March 1830. The same Milly, spelled in church documents as "Mily" and being described as being owned by "Ben Stephens," was also listed as a member of the Dry Creek Baptist Church, though no date was given.Milly is the likely mother of Nancy and of Jane Stephens White. In the 1852 will of Benjamin Stephens Jr., she was alloted to his widow. In 1870, Milly lived in Rising Sun, and was married to Daniel Parsons. She died there in 1878.
Birth date
circa 1785
Life event(s)
Marriage: circa 1870; Indiana
Parsons, Daniel
Death date
3 Mar 1878
Place of death
Rising Sun (Ind.)
Slaveholder(s): Stephens, Benjamin; Stephens, Agnes
Stephens, Benjamin L., Jr.
Nelson, Agnes
Bibliographic citation(s)
Boone County Will Book F, page 528

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