Wilks, Mills



Wilks, Mills




Transcribed from Annie Walker Burns' Abstracts of Pensions:
"WILKS, Mills. Kentucky Militia. BT L. WT. 7125-80-50. Old War Invalid Files #26505

"Served under Captain Uriel Sebree.

"Boone County, Kentucky, February 13, 1833 Mills Wilks deposes: In 1812 volunteered in Boone County, Kentucky for six months under Captain Uriel Sebree. Affiant was appointed Corporal. Was wounded in the Battle of River Raisin, January 18, 1813, and was also taken prisoner by the Indians and taken with other prisoners to Holden. Received his discharge from Major Richard Gano., acting colonel of the Regiment.

"Mentions that his family is large and somewhat helpless. Belonged to Uriel Sebree's Militia Company in 1812 and 13, and was in the Battle of River Raisin and well recollect Mills Wilks. A corporal in said company being badly wounded. Richard Collins and Berry F. Waller, physicians, certify Mills Wilks is rendered incapable of performing the duties of a soldier, and one half disabled from obtaining his subsistence from manual labor. February 23, 1833. Howard County, Missouri, August 19, 1833. Uriel Sebree, late Captain of the company of Kentucky militia in which Mills Wilks served certifies to his service as corporal and to his being wounded at the Battle of River Raisin.

"Mills Wilks enlisted August 15, 1812 for six months. Discharged March 4, 1813. May 26, 1846 Doctors T.N. Wise and R. Prestlow certify that Mills Wilks is disabled to a degree amounting to total disability.

"Covering jacket. Mills Wilks: Kentucky Militia Corporal Inscribed on a Kentucky will at four dollars per month to begin August 20, 1933. Certificate of pension issued February 21, 1834. Increased to eight dollars per month March 26, 1847."


Birth date

4 Apr 1786

Place of birth


Wilkes, Joseph


Mills, Amelia

Life event(s)

Marriage: 14 Mar 1810; Bracken County (Ky.)


Botts, Lucy


Wilks, James
Wilks, Joseph Wilford
Wilks, Lucy Jane
Wilks, John P.
Wilks, Ann
Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Wilkes

Death date

27 Aug 1866

Place of death

Death and burial information



Military service


United States of America

Held rank


Place of enlistment

Service began

15 Aug 1812

Service ended

4 Mar 1813

Resided in


Known enslaved: unknown, Amanda [13]; unknown, Hulda [2]


Enslaved held in 1820: Females, 14 thru 25, one
Enslaved held in 1830: Males, under 10, one; Males, 10 thru 23, one; Females, under 10, one; Females, 10 thru 23, one
Enslaved held in 1840: Males, 10 thru 23, one; Females, 10 thru 23, one; Females, 24 thru 36, one
Enslaved held in 1850: Female, 45 years old, black; Female, 23 years old, black
Enslaved held in 1860: Female, 54 years old, black; Female, 32 years old, black; Female, 6 years old, black; Female, 3 years old, black; Male, 1 year old, black

Bibliographic citation(s)

FindAGrave.com, memorial #13937703
War of 1812 Pension Applications. Washington D.C.: National Archives. NARA Microfilm Publication M313, 102 rolls. Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Record Group Number 15.


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