Price, Mary Riddell


Price, Mary Riddell
Mary Riddell was the widow of Uriah Price and mother of Araminta E Price, James A. Price and Martha Jane Price. Her husband died in the U.S. Civil War. Mary applied for a pension to support herself and her only living child (in 1865), Martha Jane. Affidavits were given on her behalf to confirm her marriage to Uriah Price in the evening of March 1st, 1850 at the Burlington home of her slaveholder, Margaret Rice.
She was received as a member of the Middle Creek Baptist Church in October 1842.
Price family
Birth date
circa 1822
Life event(s)
Marriage: 1 Mar 1850; Burlington (Ky.)
Burlington (Ky.)
Uriah Price
Slaveholder(s): Rice, Margaret
Scott, Margaret
Bibliographic citation(s)
Widow's Pensions, certificate WC130951 and file number 109941

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