Scioto County (Ohio)


Scioto County (Ohio)
The county is located in southern Ohio along the Ohio River and the boundary with Kentucky, and the county seat is Portsmouth. The county was named for the Scioto River. "Scioto" translates to "deer" in the local native language.
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24 Mar 1803
USGS GNIS ID: 1074085
U.S. Census code: 99145
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Barkshire, Hattie Ellen Person
Berkshire, Annabel Person
Bryant, Carleton S. Person
Goins, Joseph H. Person
Johnson, Narcissa Person
Jones, Alexander Person
Smith, Louisa R. Person
Turner, Joseph Person
Items with "Place of enlistment: Scioto County (Ohio)"
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Barkshire, Arthur Person
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Johnson, Narcissa Person
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Bryant, Willard Tracy [2] Person