Originally settled in 1634, Maryland entered the Union 28 Apr 1788.
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28 Apr 1788
Parent division/institution
United States
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U.S. states

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Frederick County (Md.) Location
Prince Georges County (Md.) Location
Items with "Service ended: Maryland"
Title Class
Stephenson, John Edward Person
Items with "Resided in: Maryland"
Title Class
unknown, Levy Person
Items with "Place of birth: Maryland"
Title Class
Beall, Benjamin Person
Bradley, Thomas H. Person
Canby, Israel Person
Clark, Burnet Person
Edelen, Clarissa Person
Howard, John Person
Hughes, Esther A. Person
Johnson, William L. Person
Johnson, William R. Person
Markland, John Person
Markland, Thomas Person
Marshall, James M. Person
McManama, Caroline Person
Murphy, Rebecca Person
Murphy, William B. Person
Norris, Joseph Person
Perkins, William Person
Porter, Ephraim Person
Roberts, Henry Person
Roberts, Sarah Person
Sprigg, Ann Person