Kenton County (Ky.)



Kenton County (Ky.)


Located in northern Kentucky along the Ohio River, across from Cincinnati, Ohio, Kenton County has two county seats--Covington and Independence. The county was named for pioneer Simon Kenton (1755–1836).

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USGS GNIS ID: 516905
U.S. Census code: 99117

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Associated Locale
Title Alternate label Class
Buford family Resided in Organization
Cherry family Resided in Organization
Chiles family Resided in Organization
Prewitt family Resided in Organization
political division
Title Alternate label Class
1802--Artful Billy Location Event
n.d.--Eliza Escapes Location Event
n.d.--Gerry Escapes Location Event
n.d.--Peter Escapes Location Event
n.d.--Tom Escapes Location Event
1855--Family Escape Location Event
1856--Nine Slaves Escape From Near Covington Location Event
1857--Freedom Seeker Caught By F. M. Bess Location Event
1856--Sidney Family Escape Location Event
1847--First of Two Group Escapes Location Event
1858--Walker Family Escape Location Event
1857--Angela and Irwin Broadus Captured Location Event
1858--Two Freedom Seekers Return, Are Caught Location Event
1857--Freedom Seeker Captured Location Event
1857--Three Slaves Attempt Escape Location Event
1864--Freedom Seeker Jailed Location Event
1856--Mass Escape of Fourteen Freedom Seekers Location Event
1857--Six Slaves Escape Across Frozen River Location Event
bef 1842--Mohuley Excluded from Dry Creek Baptist Church Location Event
bef 1842--Sim Excluded from Dry Creek Baptist Church Location Event
n.d.--Rachel Excluded from Dry Creek Baptist Church Location Event