Grant County (Ky.)



Grant County (Ky.)


Located in northern Kentucky, south of Cincinnati, the county seat is Williamstown. The county was named for one of the Grant brothers--Colonel John Grant (1754-1826), Samuel Grant (1762-1789), or Squire Grant (1764-1833)--all early Kentucky pioneers.

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USGS GNIS ID: 516887
U.S. Census code: 99081

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Title Alternate label Class
Dunlap family Resided in Organization
political division
Title Alternate label Class
1856--Reward Ad for Five Freedom-Seekers Location Event
1844--Reward Ad for Nelly Location Event
1846--"Ned" Caught and Arrested Location Event
1901--Clarence Castleman Marries Ethel Rosenberry Location Event
1884--Charles Dickerson Accused of Theft and Lynched Location Event
Ashcraft Family Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.) Political division Location
Title Alternate label Class
Allphin, Zebulon Life event(s) Person
Cummins, Preston Life event(s) Person
Edwards, Robert A. Life event(s) Person
Hawkins, Philemon Life event(s) Person
Hogsett, John Gordon Life event(s) Person
Norman, William L. Life event(s) Person
Lillard, Joseph S. Life event(s) Person
Marshall, Thomas W. Life event(s) Person
Place of Birth
Title Alternate label Class
unknown, Maria [27] Place of birth Person
Elliston, Andrew J. Place of birth Person
Washington, George [1] Place of birth Person
Clarkson, Thaddeus Place of birth Person
unknown, Lewis [26] Place of birth Person
Place of Death
Title Alternate label Class
Vest, James Place of death Person
Craig, Benjamin Place of death Person
parent politial division
Title Alternate label Class
Crittenden (Ky.) Parent division/institution Location
Dry Ridge (Ky.) Parent division/institution Location
Williamstown (Ky.) Parent division/institution Location