Campbell County (Ky.)


Campbell County (Ky.)
The county is located along the Ohio River and the boundary with Ohio, just southeast of Covington, and the county seat is Alexandria. The county was named for Revolutionary War Colonel John Campbell, an early settler and Kentucky statesman.
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U.S. Census code: 99037
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Craig, Benjamin Person
Delaney, Benjamin [1] Person
Depew, Abraham Person
Dicken, Richard, Sr. Person
Gaines, Richard Person
Gedge, William H. Person
Grant, James Morley Person
Grant, William Mosby Person
Graves, Bartlett O. Person
Gregg, Thomas J. Person
Griffin, Phoebe Jane Person
Grubbs, James Person
Hamilton, Mary Maria Person
Hamilton, Maurice [2] Person
Hayden, Jarvis Person
Herndon, Eliza Ann Person
Huey, Samuel Person
Hume, Benjamin Proctor Person
Hume, Sarah Person
Jarrell, Anselom Person
Kyle, Jane Person
Leathers, Nancy Person
Marquis, Miles Person
Martin, Mary Fullerton Person
McKay, Patience Person