Originally settled in 1769, Tennessee entered the Union 1 Jun 1796.
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1 Jun 1796
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United States
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U.S. states

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Kent, Martha F. Person
White, James [2] Person
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Davidson County (Tenn.) Location
Hamilton County (Tenn.) Location
Knox County (Tenn.) Location
Shelby County (Tenn.) Location
Wilson County (Tenn.) Location
Items with "Location: Tennessee"
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1856--Sidney Family Escape Event
1863--Two Freedom Seekers Captured and Sent to Tennessee Event
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Scruggs, Allen Franklin Person
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Confederate States of America Organization
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101st Regiment, United States Colored Infantry Organization
12th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry Organization
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Barkshire, Harriet Person
Bohannon, Thomas Person
Child, Daniel Person
Churchman, Benjamin [2] Person
Cleveland, Melinia Person
Kennedy, George W. Person
Lewis, James Person
Melin, Harriet A. Person
Monroe, Stephen Person
Ray, David Person
Secress, Harlan Person
Sherrill, Henry Person