Originally settled in 1733, Indiana entered the Union 11 Dec 1816.
Has beginning
11 Dec 1816
Parent division/institution
United States
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U.S. states

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Title Class
Jackson, Everett R. Person
Jackson, Mary Person
Joiner, Lucile Person
Parker, Fannie Person
Poston, Harry P. Person
Reed, Alfred Person
Rile, Armada Person
Rile, Augustus Person
Rile, Bartliena Person
Rile, Donald J. Person
Rile, Emma Person
Rile, Luella Person
Rile, Mary Ina Person
Rile, Obediah [2] Person
Rile, Wanhunza Person
Rile, William Lonnie Person
Steadman, Abby B. Person
Swope, William Person
Tanner, Francis Person
Tousey, Beatrice May Person
Towsey, Chester June Person
unknown, Delilah [2] Person
Ware, Chille Person
Wells, Henrietta Person
Wells, John Person