Originally settled in 1788, Ohio entered the Union 1 Mar 1803.
Has beginning
1 Mar 1803
Parent division/institution
United States
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U.S. states

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Items with "Birth information: Ohio"
Title Class
Dickerson, William [2] Person
Dixon, Menella Person
East, John Person
East, Levinia Venus Person
Finnell, Mildred Person
Floyd, Howard L. Person
Foster, Alice M. Person
Foster, Lawerence J. Person
Foster, Rose Helen Person
Garnet, Lemuel Person
Garnett, Leonard Person
Garnett, Mildred C. Person
Garnett, Siffie Person
Gilmore, Gertrude Person
Gilmore, Olvetta Person
Hamlin, Grace V. Person
Hamlin, Helen Person
Jackson, Catharine Person
Jackson, Clayborn Person
Jackson, George Person
Jefferson, Arthur C. Person
Jefferson, Cora A. Person
Jefferson, Floyd Person
Jefferson, Laura E. Person
Jefferson, Mary E. Person