Kentucky, Wills and Probate Records, 1774-1989


Kentucky, Wills and Probate Records, 1774-1989
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Provo, UT
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From, "this collection includes images of probate records from the state of Kentucky. Probate records are among the most valuable records available for American genealogy but can be challenging to access because originals are kept in courthouses across the country. This collection includes images of probate records for approximately 98 percent of Kentucky counties. The records come from a collection of microfilm that took years to compile. They have been brought together from multiple courthouses over time to give you a single source to search. Some localities and time periods may not be included because they were not available to be acquired as part of this collection, or the records may have been lost or destroyed before the effort to collect them all began."
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Anderson, Rebecca Fanny Person
Armstrong, John Hume Person
Arnold, Lewis Person
Barlow, Aaron Person
Berkshire, George R. Person
Berkshire, Milton Person
Berry, Washington Person
Botts, Joshua Person
Cave, Jeremiah Person
Clements, Roger T. Person
Cloudas, Pitman Person
Cropper, Susan Mary Person
Dicken, Richard, Sr. Person
Dolph, Andrew J. Person
Ellis, Henry Person
Finnell, Robert Person
Flandrau, Martha Macomb Person
Flournoy, John James Person
Gaines, Churchill Person
Gaines, John [3] Person
Garnett, William Henry Person
Gilpin, Israel Person
Grant, Agnes Person
Grant, John [1] Person
Grant, William Mosby Person