Allen, Elizabeth Mosby



Allen, Elizabeth Mosby


Mosby, Betsey




Birth date

circa 1777

Place of birth

Life event(s)

Marriage: 17 Mar 1792; Henrico County (Va.)



Allen, Robert
Allen, George Mosby
Allen, John F.
Allen, Charles
Allen, Sophie S.
Allen, William
Allen, Adeline
Jones, Ann Eliza Allen
Johnson, Agnes Frances Allen
Allen, William James

Death date

9 May 1853

Place of death

Death and burial information


Known enslaved: unknown, Abed; unknown, Alfred [1]; unknown, Amy [3]; unknown, Charles [4]; unknown, David [6]; unknown, Fanny [1]; unknown, Lettice; unknown, Louisa [1]; unknown, Martha [1]; unknown, Mary [1]; unknown, Sally Ann [1]; unknown, William [2]; unknown, William Henry [1]


Enslaved held in 1850: Female, 65 years old, black; Male, 39 years old, black; Female, 37 years old, black; Male, 28 years old, black; Male, 13 years old, black; Female, 12 years old, black; Female, 10 years old, black; Male, 8 years old, black; Male, 6 years old, black; Female, 1 year old, black; Female, 35 years old, black; Female, 12 years old, black; Female, 5 years old, black; Female, 4 years old, black

Bibliographic citation(s), memorial #72993500
Boone County Will Book A, page 176
Boone County Will Book D, page 517
Boone County Will Book F, pages 237, 304-305


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Title Alternate label Class
Allen, Benjamin Mosby Mother Person
Allen, Lucy Mosby Mother Person
Title Alternate label Class
unknown, Abed Person
unknown, Amy [3] Person
unknown, Charles [4] Person
unknown, David [6] Person
unknown, Fanny [1] Person
unknown, Lettice Person
unknown, Louisa [1] Person
unknown, William [2] Person
unknown, Alfred [1] Person
unknown, William Henry [1] Person
unknown, Martha [1] Person
unknown, Sally Ann [1] Person
unknown, Mary [1] Person
Title Alternate label Class
Allen, Isham Spouse(s) Person