Florence Cemetery (Florence, Ky.)


Florence Cemetery (Florence, Ky.)
The Florence Cemetery is located on Center Street in downtown Florence next to Florence Elementary School. The cemetery is divided into five sections and contains both modern and historic burials. The land for the cemetery was deeded to the City of Florence in 1863 by Thomas Spencer Fish. However, several head stones in the oldest section indicate the cemetery was being used as early as the 1820s, 1830s and 1840s.
A unique aspect of this cemetery is the existence of two African American burial sections. The older section along the western edge of the cemetery contains several rough stone pillars and only a few head stones, yet ground penetrating radar indicates the location of dozens of burials within the area. It is likely many of these burials belong to the former slaves and/or their decedents who were once owed by the early white residents buried in the cemetery. The second African American burial section is located on the other side of the cemetery in the southeast coner. It is smaller and contains only a few burials from the early and mid twentieth century.
When walking through Florence Cemetery, be sure to looks for a variety of intriguing well-known and not-so-well known burials of Boone County Residents. One can also find a number of military veterans buried here from most of the wars including the Civil War.
This is a town cemetery with hundreds of internments. It is still in active use.
Slave holder or African American Burials: Yes
Boone Co. GIS Cemetery ID: 68
USGS GNIS Feature ID: 2090294
Find A Grave Cemetery: #2131074
Political division
Florence (Ky.)
Target coordinates
705150.271 m
4319459.372 m
Bibliographic citation
Boone County, Kentucky Cemeteries, pages 97-116

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