Dinsmore Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)


Dinsmore Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
Located on the Dinsmore Farm, this is a family cemetery measuring 65 x 35 feet, and containing 20 known internments. Burials range from 1847-1984. The location and boundaries were mapped in 2000.
Slave holder or African American Burials: Yes
Has beginning
Has end
Boone Co. GIS Cemetery ID: 61
USGS GNIS Feature ID: 490899
Find A Grave Cemetery: #73716
Parent division/institution
Dinsmore Homestead Foundation
Target coordinates
689206.144 m
4319102.255 m
Bibliographic citation
Boone County, Kentucky Cemeteries, pages 71-72

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Dinsmore family Organization
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Title Class
Cutcheon, Franklin Warner M. Person
Dinsmoor, James Person
Dinsmoor, Mary Gordon Person
Dinsmore, Isabella Ramsay Person
Dinsmore, Julia Stockton Person
Dinsmore, Silas Person
Dinsmore, Susan Bell Person
Ferguson, Martha Munro Person
Ferguson, Robert H. Munro Person
Ferguson, Robert Munro Person
Flandrau, Martha Macomb Person
Flandrau, Sarah Gibson Person
Gordon, Mary Person
Greenway, Isabella Selmes Person
Greenway, John Campbell Person
Greenway, John Selmes Person
Hawkins, Eliza Person
Hawkins, Jilson Person
Loving, Julia Farley Person
Mcgruder, Nancy Person
Selmes, Tilden Russell Person
Simpson, Mary Person
Taylor, Nannette Person
unknown, Coah Person