Nick Farrall House (Verona, Ky.)


Nick Farrall House (Verona, Ky.)
Floor Plan: Double Pen
Built along Poole Road in the early 19th Century, the historic core of this house is a double-pen log dwelling. Two rooms were added in the 1940s, disguising the house’s original appearance. One of many properties near Verona associated with Irish-American settlement, this house was owned for many years by Nick Farrall, a barber in the nearby Grant County town of Crittenden.
The house is not noted on Lake’s atlas, and its original owner remains unknown.
Has beginning
Construction Date: 1800-1824
Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory designation: BE 716
Full address
13310 Poole Road
Political division
Verona (Ky.)
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Farrell family
Target coordinates
703899.740 m
4305489.726 m
Bibliographic citation
Historic Structures of Boone County, page 80

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