George Flynn Farm (Verona, Ky.)


George Flynn Farm (Verona, Ky.)
Floor Plan: Bungalow
Located on Stephenson Mill Road, this well-preserved dormer front bungalow was built for George Flynn in 1921 and has remained in the family ever since. It features a rather small gabled dormer; engaged, full-width porch; and large brick chimney. The main doorway is in the end bay rather than the center.
The farm includes a large group of historic outbuildings, some far older than the house. The large stone root cellar, domed with earth, represents a type commonly seen around Verona but rarely found elsewhere in the county.
The monitor-roof tobacco barn, which replaced an earlier structure destroyed by fire, represents a barn type promoted by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture during the mid-20th century.
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Construction Date: 1921
Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory designation: BE 680
Full address
851 Stephenson Mill Road
Political division
Verona (Ky.)
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Flynn family
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700385.626 m
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Bibliographic citation
Historic Structures of Boone County, page 79

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