Joseph H. Hughes House (Richwood, Ky.)



Joseph H. Hughes House (Richwood, Ky.)

Alternate name

J.H. Hughes House (Richwood, Ky.)
Hughes House (Richwood, Ky.)


Historic Status: National Register of Historic Places
Floor Plan: Hall Parlor
The Hughes House, owned in 1883 by J.H. Hughes, is perhaps the oldest surviving house in the vicinity of Richwood Church. Built in 1836, the house is one of the two-story, four-bay hall-parlor houses especially popular in the early nineteenth century Boone County. Unlike most of the other examples, it has one instead of two doors in the facade.

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Construction Date: 1836


Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory designation: BE 208
National Register reference number: 88003282
National Archives identifier: 123845642

Full address

771 Chambers Road

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705498.298 m
4319645.540 m

Bibliographic citation

Survey of Historic Sites, pages 73-74


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Joseph H. Hughes House

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