Barkshire, Dickey


Barkshire, Dickey
Barkshire, Richard
In 1810, Dickey Barkshire held five people enslaved.
Birth date
Place of birth
Life event(s)
Marriage 1: date and location unknown
Marriage 2: 13 Oct 1814; Pendleton County (Ky.)
Pendleton County (Ky.)
Robinson, Ann
Collier, Nelly
Death date
5 Nov 1829
Place of death
Boone County (Ky.)
Known enslaved: Barkshire, Arthur; Barkshire, Emily; Barkshire, Garrett; Barkshire, Matilda; Barkshire, Minerva; Barkshire, Samuel; Barkshire, Woodford; Newman, Frances Harriet; unknown, Darkey; unknown, Jacob [1]
Barkshire, Arthur
Barkshire, Emily
Barkshire, Garrett [1]
Barkshire, Matilda
Barkshire, Minerva Ann
Barkshire, Samuel
Barkshire, Woodford
Newman, Frances Harriet
unknown, Darkey
unknown, Jacob [1]
Enslaved held in 1820: Males, 14 thru 25, two; Females, under 14, one; Females, 14 thru 25, one

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Title Class
1833--Samuel Buys His Freedom Event
1848--Freedom for Arthur Barkshire Event
1848--Freedom for Emily Barkshire Event
1848--Freedom for Woodford Barkshire Event
Items with "Relationship: Barkshire, Dickey"
Title Class
Barkshire, Arthur Person
Barkshire, Emily Person
Barkshire, Garrett [1] Person
Barkshire, Matilda Person
Barkshire, Minerva Ann Person
Barkshire, Samuel Person
Barkshire, Woodford Person
Newman, Frances Harriet Person
unknown, Darkey Person
unknown, Jacob [1] Person
Items with "Father: Barkshire, Dickey"
Title Class
Barkshire, Felix Person
Barkshire, Garrett W. Person
Barkshire, Jeremiah Person
Barkshire, Mary Person
Barkshire, Sarah Person
Berkshire, Elizabeth [1] Person
Berkshire, Joel Person
Berkshire, John [1] Person
Berkshire, William Person
Items with "Spouse(s): Barkshire, Dickey"
Title Class
Robinson, Ann Person