Marshall, James W.



Marshall, James W.
Marshall, James




In the 1850 census James Marshall is living in District 2, Boone, Kentucky and listed as a farmer. The 1860 and 1870 census show James Marshall in Walton, Boone, Kentucky.


Birth date

1 Aug 1803

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Marriage: 13 Apr 1826


Scott, Julia Ann


Marshall, James M.
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, Eliza A
Marshall, Virginia
Marshall, Scott
Marshall, Mary
Marshall, Emily
Marshall, Julia Ann

Death date

8 Sep 1884

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Neighbor in the 1860 Census:


Known enslaved: Garner, Mary; Garner, Robert; Garner, Simon Sr.; unknown, Agnes [3]; unknown, Almeda [5]; unknown, Christina; unknown, Elizabeth [11]; unknown, Jane [22]; unknown, Jane [35]; unknown, Madia [2]; unknown, Nancy [9]; unknown, Ninny


Enslaved held in 1850: Female, 35 years old, black; Male, 24 years old, mulatto; Male, 19 yrs, black; Female, 17 years old, black; Female, 12 years old, black; Female, 1 years old, mulatto
Enslaved held in 1860; Female, 45 years old, black; Female, 18 years old, black; Male,45 years old, mulatto; Female, 34 years old, mulatto

Bibliographic citation(s)

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Ancestor #A061089


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Gaines, Archibald K. Neighbor of Person
Hughes, James Harvey Neighbor of Person
Title Alternate label Class
unknown, Agnes [3] Person
unknown, Almeda [5] Person
unknown, Christina Person
unknown, Elizabeth [11] Person
unknown, Jane [22] Person
unknown, Jane [35] Person
unknown, Madia [2] Person
unknown, Nancy [9] Person
unknown, Ninny Person
Garner, Robert Person
Garner, Simon, Sr. Person
Garner, Mary [2] Person
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Marshall, Thomas W. Father Person
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1856--The Margaret Garner Story Event