Bullittsburg Baptist Church Cemetery (Bullittsburg, Ky.)


Bullittsburg Baptist Church Cemetery (Bullittsburg, Ky.)
The church cemetery, bounded by a wrought-iron fence, was established in the 1860s.
This is a church cemetery containing dozens of known internments.
The cemetery register is included in the book: "Boone County, Kentucky Cemeteries" by Worrell and Fitzgerald
Slave holder or African American Burials: Yes
Has beginning
Boone Co. GIS Cemetery ID: 32
Find A Grave Cemetery: #2185540
Full address
2616 Bullittsburg Church Road, Idlewild, KY 41080
Political division
Bullittsburg (Ky.)
Target coordinates
691434.190 m
4329031.023 m
Bibliographic citation
Boone County, Kentucky Cemeteries, pages 192-202

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Items with "Death and burial information: Bullittsburg Baptist Church Cemetery (Bullittsburg, Ky.)"
Title Class
Arnold, Lewis Burns Person
Balsley, George L., Sr. Person
Balsley, Junius L. Person
Cave, Polly Person
Clore, William Person
Crisler, Benjamin Miller Person
Crisler, Henry Price Person
Cropper, Carroll Lee Person
Cropper, John Person
Cropper, Mary Bess Person
Cropper, Peter Townsend Person
Cropper, Susan Mary Person
Cropper, Woodford Lee Person
Duncan, James E. Person
Duncan, James W. Person
Eve, Clarissa H. Person
Gaines, Churchill Person
Gaines, Clinton Person
Gaines, Edwin M. Person
Gaines, Elizabeth [2] Person
Gaines, Frances Elizabeth Person
Gaines, Gabriel J. Person
Gaines, James Person
Gaines, John William Person
Gaines, Joseph Adison Person