Voice of the Fugitive (Windsor, Ont.), 1851-1852; The


Voice of the Fugitive (Windsor, Ont.), 1851-1852; The
Bibb, Henry
Henry Bibb
Windsor (Ont.)
LCCN: sn94022395
OCLC: 7053557
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From Our Digital World, "Voice Of The Fugitive was one of the first black newspapers in Upper Canada that was aimed at fugitive and escaped slaves from the United States. The only earlier paper was the British American (Toronto), which began in March, 1845, but seems to have only lasted a short while. No copies are known to have survived. Voice Of The Fugitive was edited and published by Henry Walton Bibb, who was born into slavery in Kentucky in 1815. He escaped to Sandwich, Canada West, in 1850, after the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act by the American Congress. In his introduction (1851: January 1st, page 2), he writes: “We shall advocate the immediate and unconditional abolition of chattel slavery everywhere, but especially on American soil. We shall also persuade, as far as it may be practicable every oppressed person of color in the United States to settle in Canada.” As well as news of events in the U.S. relating to slavery and slaves trying to escape, there were also articles on how the refugees were faring in Canada, and about organizations and individuals who were helping them. Other favourite topics were temperance, religion, education, and agriculture."
Publication frequency: Bi-weekly

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