1847--Arthur Parker Manumits Enslaved Family and Others


1847--Arthur Parker Manumits Enslaved Family and Others
May 1847
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The will of Arthur Parker, brother of Richard Parker, states that Jim, his wife and four children may be freed when Jim earns enough from hire. His heirs, two daughters Hannah and Mary Parker, were shown to own 10-11 slaves according to the 1839-1843 tax lists in Boone County. Numbers drop to 2 slaves, then 1 slave by 1853. Jim, Jennie and their children (Morgan, Erastus, Joseph, Jim, Arthur, Robert, Doctor and Silas) were manumitted at Boone County Court, May term, 1847.
African American(s): Arthur; Doctor; Jack; Jane; Jim; Jim; Joseph; Morgan; Rastus; Robert
unknown, Arthur [5]
unknown, Doctor [3]
unknown, Jack [15]
unknown, Jane [40]
unknown, Jim [12]
unknown, Jim [13]
unknown, Joseph [6]
unknown, Morgan
unknown, Rastus
unknown, Robert [10]
Slave holder(s): Parker, Arthur
Parker, Arthur
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Bibliographic citation
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Parker, Arthur Person
unknown, Arthur [5] Person
unknown, Doctor [3] Person
unknown, Jack [15] Person
unknown, Jane [40] Person
unknown, Jim [12] Person
unknown, Jim [13] Person
unknown, Joseph [6] Person
unknown, Morgan Person
unknown, Rastus Person
unknown, Robert [10] Person
unknown, Ryal Person
unknown, Silas [2] Person
unknown, Washington [6] Person
unknown, William [20] Person