1833--Manumission of Ben


1833--Manumission of Ben
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The 1833 will and inventory of William Carpenter, Sr. states the following: Ben and his wife, Caroline, to be manumitted upon the death of Carpenter's wife, with many restrictions, concerning their "obedience" and behavior. Also to be given the house they occupied at the time (1833) which was located on the land of William H. Carpenter, Jr, along with the "service of their son", Ned. Ben was valued at $150 in the inventory- lower value may be attributed to imminent freedom. Ben was listed as a member of Dry Creek Baptist Church, church Book II, no date was given.
African American(s): Ben; Caroline; Ned
unknown, Ben [8]
unknown, Caroline [2]
unknown, Ned [2]
Slave holder(s): Carpenter, William Sr
Carpenter, William C.
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Boone County Will Book C, p. 14
Boone County Will Book C, p. 56

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Carpenter, William C. Person
unknown, Ben [8] Person
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