1857--Angela and Irwin Broadus Captured


1857--Angela and Irwin Broadus Captured
10 Jun 1857
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Angela and Irwin Broadus, to be sold by slaveholder Col. Withers, escaped on June 10, 1857 to Cincinnati. They had hidden in room No.18 in Taft’s Building on Vine above 4th. The room was occupied by W. A. Conolly, editor of the Cincinnati Daily Commercial. Marshalls arrived, one marshal was stabbed, Irwin was shot, and both were captured on the 17th June, 1857. Connoly slipped away.
African American(s): Angela Broadus; Irwin Broadus
Slave holder(s): Col. Withers
Withers, C.A., Colonel
Other participant(s): W.A. Connolly
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The Louisville Daily Journal, Monday, 15 Jun 1857, page 3

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