1865--Tom Accused of Assisting a Freedom Seeker


1865--Tom Accused of Assisting a Freedom Seeker
22 Oct 1865
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Letter from Leonard Stephens, Beech Woods, Kenton County, KY dated October 22, 1865: “Tom,” an enslaved man of Leonard Stephens, is accused by Dr. Blanton (Union, KY) of helping a male freedom seeker escape (from Blanton’s farm). Blanton came and searched the cabins of the enslaved people at Stephens’ farm and did not find the missing man. Tom was highly offended, and left for Covington, as he would “live no where that his house was allowed to be searched.” He returned two weeks later, but it is unclear if he stayed. There was concern on Tom’s part that he was in danger because of the accusation, and Stephens seemed to think the evidence indicated he was indeed involved.
African American(s): Tom
unknown, Tom [23]
Slave holder(s): Leonard Stephens
Stephens, Leonard
Other participant(s): Dr. Blanton
Beech Woods (Ky.)
Covington (Ky.)
Union (Ky.)
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