1799--Frank, Ginne, and Phillis Escape


1799--Frank, Ginne, and Phillis Escape
14 Oct 1799
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On October 14, 1799, a 26 year old man by the name of Frank, ran from the farm of Benjamin Craig, on the Ohio River, taking with him a three year old girl named Ginne (presumably his daughter). Frank is described as "about 5'6", very pleasant countenance, very talkative, pretends to be a Baptist preacher." Three days later, Phillis, 23 or 24 yrs old, escaped from the farm of Elijah Hogan in Tanner's Station (Petersburg). Phillis is Frank's wife (possibly Ginne's mother) and is described as 5'11" tall, with a yellow complexion. A reward of $25 is offered for their return.
African American(s): Frank; Ginnie; Phillis
unknown, Frank [10]
unknown, Ginne
unknown, Phillis [5]
Slave holder(s): Craig, Benjamin; Hogan, Elijah
Craig, Benjamin
Hogan, Elijah [2]
Bibliographic citation
"Reward Offered for Frank, Ginne, and Phillis," Western Spy and Hamilton Gazette, Cincinnati, OH, 19 Oct 1799

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Craig, Benjamin Person
Hogan, Elijah [2] Person
unknown, Frank [10] Person
unknown, Ginne Person
unknown, Phillis [5] Person