Point Pleasant Christian Church (Hebron, Ky.)



Point Pleasant Christian Church (Hebron, Ky.)


Denomination: Independent
Point Pleasant Church began meeting at the old Point Pleasant Schoolhouse near Constance, under the leadership of Walter Scott in 1834. The first meetings were over a two week span, with initial membership of only two believers. Mr. Scott tried again in 1839, and was able to attract a much larger group of believers, numbering more than sixty. Officers were elected, and plans were put into place for a permanent home. The Trustees of Point Pleasant acquired an acre of land from Joseph Brown for one dollar in 1841, and officially hired the first minister, William Masters, for $12 per annum.
The church was known for its abolitionist views. Off-shoots of Point Pleasant include: Constance Christian Church, Burlington Christian Church, Bullittsville Christian church, and Ludlow Christian Church.
Prominent early members of the church include: Walter Scott, William Masters, Piatt Kennedy, Park Walton, Joseph Brown, James Ellis, William McGlasson, James Cullom, Jedidiah Foster, Simpson Riggs, Benjamin Franklin, Philemon Vawter, and W.S. Keene.

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