Wilson family


Wilson family
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Winson family
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Thornton Wilson, born in 1792, and his wife Mariah Kendrick, born in 1805, moved from Bourbon County, Kentucky and settled in the Union area of Boone County, where they raised eleven children. Their children were: Cumberland (1819-1902); Mary “Polly” (1821-1901); James 1823-1867); Maria (1827-1900); George (1829-1861); Nancy (1832-); Martha (1833-1904); Thomas (1836-1925); Joseph (1838-1901); Rachel (1840-1919); and William (1846-1919).
Their children and grandchildren married into prominent local families including: Allen; Beil; Rouse; Scroggins; Smith; and Walton, among others. Living descendants have been be found in Oklahoma and Texas. Thornton, Mariah and over 25 of their related family members are buried in the family cemetery located on what was the Wilson Farm along Long Branch Road. Due to development, the Wilson Cemetery is scheduled to be relocated in the summer of 2016 to nearby Union Rice Cemetery, where other Wilson descendants are interred.

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