Ross family


Ross family
Slave Holding

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Title Class
1849--Emily Francis Attempts Escape Event
1849--George White Attempts Escape Event
1849--Jane Stephens and Family Escape Attempt Event
1849--Lucy Ann Attempts Escape Event
1849--Oscar F. White Attempts Escape Event
1849--Sisley Attempts Escape Event
1868--Abe Zellers Marries America White Event
1869--Charles Ross Marries Jane White Event
1903--Julius Ross Marries Lorena Rout Event
Ross Cemetery (Walton, Ky.) Location
Items with "Member: Ross family"
Title Class
Churchman, Laura Alice Person
Corson, Florinda Person
Ireland, Maudy Person
Mays, Alice Person
Moore, Nancy Person
Ross, Betsey Person
Ross, Charles Person
Ross, Eliza Person
Ross, Elsie Person
Ross, Fannie Person
Ross, Florence C. Person
Ross, Frances Person
Ross, Hattie Person
Ross, Henry L. Person
Ross, James C. Person