Slave Narratives, Volume 7, Kentucky, Bogie-Woods


Slave Narratives, Volume 7, Kentucky, Bogie-Woods
Federal Writers' Project
Is part of
Slave Narratives
Washington (D.C.)
128 pages
Geographic coverage
Includes narratives by Amelia Jones, Ann Gudgel, Annie B. Boyd, Annie Morgan, Anonymous Female, Belle Robinson, Bert Mayfield, Charlie Richmond, Compilation, Cora Torian, Dan Bogie, Easter Sudie Campbell, Edd Shirley, Elizabeth Alexander, Esther Hudespeth, George Dorsey, George Henderson, George Scruggs, Harriet Mason, Jenny McKee, Joana Owens, John Anderson, Kate Billingsby, Mandy Gibson, Martha J. Jones, Mary Wooldridge, Mary Wright, Mrs. Heyburn, Nannie Eaves, Peter Bruner, Rev. John R. Cox, Scott Mitchell, Sophia Word, Susan Dale Sanders, Uncle Dick, Wes Woods, Will Oats
Interviews were conducted in Anderson County, Ballard County, Boyd County, Breathitt County, Caldwell County, Calloway County, Carrard County, Casey County, Catlettsburg, Christian County, Clark County, Davies County, Duncantown, Garrard County, Hopkins County, Hopkinsville, Knox County, Lancaster, Lawrence County, Leslie County, London, Louisville, Martin County, Mercer County, Montgomery County, North London, Owentown, Prestonsburg, Rockcastle County, Tompkinsville, Union County, Wayne County, and Webster County, Kentucky.

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Barren, Emma Person
Bogie, Dan [1] Person
Bogie, Dan [2] Person
Bogie, unknown [1] Person
Branton, Alice Person
Coffey, Jim Person
Coffey, Lige Person
Embry, Jim Person
Embry, Lucinda Person
Henderson, Bradford Person
Henderson, George Person
Jones, Amy Person
Malone, Patsy Person
Mayfield, Bert Person
Mayfield, Matilda Stone Person
Mayfield, Ped Person
Oats, Betty Person
Oats, Will Person
Phillips, Frances Person
Robinson, Belle Person
Scott, Daniel Person
Scott, Harriet Person
Scruggs, George Person
unknown, Adams Person
unknown, Betty [7] Person