Zellers family


Zellers family
Alternate name
Zellars family
African American

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Title Class
1867--Aaron S. Zellers Marries Ellen Kirtley Event
1868--Abe Zellers Marries America White Event
1869--Joseph White Marries Laura Zellers Event
1869--Richard Utz Marries Martha Gaines Event
1869--Samuel Zellers Marries Muira Thomas Event
1869--Sandford Thomas Marries Elizabeth Zellers Event
1903--Lucien Riddell Marries Cora Zellers Event
Items with "Member: Zellers family"
Title Class
Zellars, Abe Person
Zellars, Ada Person
Zellers, Cora Person
Zellers, Elvin T. Person
Zellers, George Person
Zellers, Ida May Person
Zellers, John W. Person
Zellers, Lillie Person
Zellers, Mary Jane Person
Zellers, Owen Person
Zellers, Slaughter Person