Utz, Carter


Utz, Carter
Fitz, Carter
Carter Oaks (also known as Carter Utz) served in the 117th US Colored Infantry. The similar naming has lead to some confusion. Carter Oaks died in camp in 1865. This Carter Utz is a different individual.
Given that Carter was living and working on the farm of Jonas Utz shortly after emancipation, it is possible Jonas Utz was his slaveholder. Carter Utz may be the 51-year-old enslaved man listed in the 1860 slave schedule. There is an enslaved man of the proper age listed in Jonas Utz's census records back to 1830.
In 1880, Carter Utz was living and working on the farm of Benjamin Cave, who was a free man of color before emancipation. In different records, Benjamin's wife is listed as being either Mary Weaver or Mary Utz.
It is not certain that Jane, Elmedie and Logan are Carter Utz's wife and children. This was the best guess based on the scant information available.
Utz family
Birth date
circa 1808
Place of birth
probably unknown, Jane
probably Utz, Elmedie
probably Utz, Logan
Farm laborer (1870)
Laborer (1880)
Employed by
Utz, Jonas (1870)
Utz, Jonas
Cave, Benjamin (1880)
Cave, Benjamin
Resided in
Burlington (Ky.)
Neighbor of
1880 census: Utz, Charles; Webb, Peter
Utz, Charles
Slaveholder(s): Possibly Utz, Jonas
Utz, Jonas

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