Finnell, Robert


Finnell, Robert
Birth date
12 Sep 1776
Place of birth
Culpeper County (Va.)
Finnell, Benjamin
Carter, Sarah
Life event(s)
Marriage: 1800; Kentucky
Quinn, Frances
Finnell, William
Case, Julia Finnell
Finnell, Benjamin Quinn
Finnell, Martha M.
Finnell, Weeden Sleet
Finnell, Artemecia
Finnell, Jameson
Sleet, Lucy Ann Finnell
Finnell, Richard
Finnell, Susan
Finnell, Eliza B.
Finnell, Franky Willis
Death date
18 Jul 1841
Place of death
Walton (Ky.)
Known enslaved: unknown, Marion; unknown, Lucretia [5]; unknown Eleanor [2]; unknown, Zerilda [2]; unknown, Emerine; unknown, Simon [3]
unknown, Marion
unknown, Lucretia [5]
unknown, Eleanor [2]
unknown, Zerilda
unknown, Emerine
unknown, Simon [3]
Enslaved held in 1830: Males, 10 thru 23, one; Females, under 10, two; Females, 10 thru 23, one; Females, 55 thru 99, one
Enslaved held in 1840: Males, under 10, one; Males, 24 thru 35, one; Females, under 10, two; Females, 10 thru 23, two; Females, 24 thru 35, one
Bibliographic citation(s), memorial #102498771
Boone County, Kentucky Probate Records, 1830-1852, page 40

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Title Class
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unknown, Emerine Person
unknown, Lucretia [5] Person
unknown, Marion Person
unknown, Simon [3] Person
unknown, Zerilda Person
Items with "Father: Finnell, Robert"
Title Class
Finnell, Artemecia Person
Finnell, Eliza B. Person
Finnell, Jameson Person
Finnell, Martha M. Person
Finnell, Richard Person
Finnell, Susan Person
Finnell, Weeden Sleet Person