Seventeenth Census of the United States, 1950



Seventeenth Census of the United States, 1950

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1950 United States Federal Census
1950 Census


National Archives and Records Administration, 1950 (Washington, D.C.)

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The 1950 U.S. Census includes never-before-seen genealogical information, including enumeration district maps, population schedules, Indian reservation schedules, and more.

Most enumeration districts could be recorded in less than 70 pages, but standard procedure dictated that pages were numbered 1 through 70. It wasn't unusual for an enumeration district to end before page 70, leaving blank pages, and then pick up again on page 71 if there were supplementary records.

Census information generally wasn't retained for military personnel living abroad. However, there are records for servicemembers who were stationed in the American territories of Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the military bases of Canton [Kanton], Johnston, Midway, and Wake Island. There are also records for servicemembers who lived in barracks on U.S. soil; they were counted as living separately from their families.

College students who lived on campus weren't listed with their families because they were enumerated in their dorms.

Native Americans living on reservations were listed on additional forms known as Indian reservation schedules. Native Americans living off-reservation, or on reservations in Alaska and Oklahoma, were listed on standard population schedules.

While infants born before April 1, 1950 will appear on population schedules, there was initially more information about them on "Infant Cards," but those were later removed and no longer exist.

Housing schedules detailing information about residents' physical homes were recorded on the reverse sides of population schedule forms, but they weren't microfilmed and no longer exist.

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