Cropper, Mary Bess


Cropper, Mary Bess
Cropper, Mary E.
The sister of famed judge Carroll Lee Cropper, Mary Bess was a college graduate and well-traveled woman. She attended the University of Southern Minnesota in Mankato (Minn.) in the 1960s. She is probably best known for her travel memoir, 'Ten Weeks Abroad.'
Ship manifests and border documentation show her departing from New York City and arriving in Southampton, England on June 21, 1933 aboard the Cunard White Star ship R.M.S. Aquitania. She is later documented arriving in Quebec, Canada from Le Havre, France aboard the Cunard ship R.M.S. Ascania on August 21, 1933.
Immigration and Naturalization Service records in New York show her arriving in New York City from Shannon, Ireland on September 5, 1962 aboard Pan Am Flight 105.
Birth date
9 Feb 1903
Place of birth
Boone County (Ky.)
Death date
15 Oct 1970
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