Woman's Literary Club (Walton, Ky.)


Woman's Literary Club (Walton, Ky.)
Alternate name
Walton Woman's Literary Club (Walton, Ky.)
The Walton Woman's Literary Club was established in 1923. Its goal was to intellectually stimulate its members and benefit its community. In 1974, the club dropped “Literary” from its title. It is separate from the Wa-Na Woman's Club, which was established later and which was sponsored by the Literary Club. There was some overlap in membership with the Wa-Na Club (some women being officers in both), and in some cases, they held joint events or invited the Wa-Na to participate in theirs.
The Walton Woman’s Literary Club was a federated club, meaning it was part of the Kentucky Federation for Women’s Clubs, and it received several certificates from the KFWC for its achievements. In 1983, however, the club resigned for two years to work independently.
Meetings were held monthly in the Fellowship Hall of the Walton Christian Church. The meetings were organized by two to four hostesses, who made the table decorations and refreshments for the meeting. One member led “spiritual guidance” about Christian themes or the virtues of friendship. Guest speakers, both male and female, would give lectures on certain topics, including conservation, thrift, etc. Meeting summaries and events were often printed in the Walton Advertiser.
The Walton Woman’s Club organized events such as bake sales and picnics, and they often had a booth at Walton’s Old Fashioned Day. The club’s efforts were directed toward education, and they frequently worked with Walton-Verona students. One notable effort was the scholarship fund, which in 1978 was named the Edith O’Neal Percival Scholarship after one of the charter members. They also hosted an essay contest. For lectures and programs, club members were interested in the arts, hosting poetry readings and art contests; international affairs, including lectures on the Middle East in the 1970s-1980s; and their community, including hospitals and the fire department.
In 1991, the Walton Woman’s Club disbanded, due to low membership and the poor health of the remaining, elderly members.
In 2018, the materials of the Walton Woman’s Club were donated to the Boone County Public Library. Photocopies of their materials can be found in binders in the Local History Department, and digitized versions of their yearbooks can be found in the catalog.
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Walton (Ky.)

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