Stephens, Statira Bonaparte


Stephens, Statira Bonaparte
Bristow, Statira
Birth date
27 Nov 1817
Place of birth
Kenton County (Ky.)
Life event(s)
Marriage: 3 Jul 1834; Campbell County (Ky.)
Campbell County (Ky.)
Bristow, Julius Lucien
Bristow, Leonard Stephens
Bristow, James Jerome
Childress, Mary Elizabeth Bristow
Respess, Catherine Sanford Bristow
Bristow, Benjamin Franklin
Bristow, Napoleon Stephens
Bristow, John Edmond
Bristow, Louis Lunsford
Martin, Lucy Jane Bristow
Coombs, Statira Benning Bristow
Death date
4 Oct 1902
Place of death
Kenton County (Ky.)
Death and burial information
Highland Cemetery (Fort Mitchell, Ky.)
Resided in
Independence (Ky.)
Bibliographic citation(s), memorial #99946978

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