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07 Dec 1865
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07 Dec 1865
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Covington (Ky.)
"Yesterday an application was made by Henry Bishop (colored) through his attorney, Governor Fisk, for a writ of habeas corpus against Aaron Yeager, Allen Conner and Lewis Conner, of Boone County, Kentucky, requiring them to produce the bodies of the wife and children of the aforesaid Bishop. The petitioner enlisted as a soldier in the One Hundred and twenty-fourth United States Colored Infantry, while a slave, and claims therefore, by virtue of the joint resolution of Congress, that his wife and children are free. The defendants deny the validity of the act of Congress, and continue to hold the wife and children as slaves, notwithstanding the father was in the United States' service. The Court is considering whether it has the power to issue a writ of habeas corpus in this case, under the fourteenth section of the act of 1789, or any other act of Congress, and for that purpose took time until next Tuesday."

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