Highland Cemetery (Fort Mitchell, Ky.)


Highland Cemetery (Fort Mitchell, Ky.)
Founded in 1869, the 250-acre site includes a pet cemetery and hiking trails.
The cemetery is currently managed by Highland Cemetery, Inc. of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, which also manages the Independence Cemetery.
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USGS GNIS ID: 494202
Find A Grave Cemetery: #74378
Full address
2167 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017
Political division
Kenton County (Ky.)
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Items with "Death and burial information: Highland Cemetery (Fort Mitchell, Ky.)"
Title Class
Anderson, Isadore Person
Anderson, Isola Person
Anderson, James A. Person
Anderson, James G. Person
Anderson, Phoebe J. Person
Anderson, Rebecca Fanny Person
Anderson, William H. Person
Baker, Henry D. Person
Barton, Alice Person
Berry, Lucy Mary Person
Berry, Mildred Washington Person
Berry, Sophia T. Person
Bishop, William [1] Person
Blackburn, Christopher Person
Blanton, William H. Person
Bristow, Julius Clarkson Person
Bristow, Reuben Louis Person
Bristow, Simeon Person
Buckner, Henry Mortimer Person
Buckner, Hubbard Taylor Person
Buckner, John Alexander Person
Buckner, Thomas, Col. Person
Burton, Julia Ann Person
Carter, Joseph A. Person
Chambers, C. Scott Person