Cincinnati (Ohio)



Cincinnati (Ohio)

Alternate name

Covalts Station (Ohio)
Fort Washington (Ohio)
Losantiville (Ohio)
Porkopolis (Ohio)
Queen City (Ohio)
Queen City of the West (Ohio)
Sinsinati (Ohio)


Located along the Ohio River the southwest corner of the state, Cincinnati is the county seat of Hamilton County. Originally named Losantiville, it was renamed in honor of the Society of the Cinciannti by prominent local members of the society.

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USGS GNIS ID: 1066650
U.S. Census code: 15000

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political division
Title Alternate label Class
1849--Henry Young Escapes Location Event
1850--Eight Freedom Seekers Location Event
1805--Juno Escape Location Event
1800--Nackey Escape Location Event
1809--UGRR Help in Cincinnati Location Event
1857--Angela and Irwin Broadus Captured Location Event
1858--Two Freedom Seekers Return, Are Caught Location Event
1841--Anderson Ferry Location Event
1855--Multiple Group Escapes Location Event
1849--Family Escape From Wilson Harper Location Event
1850--Cornelius Thornton Caught Location Event
1856--Several Escape Stories Location Event
1865--Desperate Mother Location Event
1878--Henrietta Woods Lawsuit Location Event
1865--Charged with Murder Location Event
1822--Peggy Freed in Cincinnati Location Event
Place of Death
Title Alternate label Class
Rice, Reece Jackson Place of death Person
Place Of Enlistment
Title Alternate label Class
Dinsmore, David Place of enlistment Person
Oliver, James Place of enlistment Person
White, John [2] Place of enlistment Person
Jones, Milton Place of enlistment Person
Hogan, Nelson Place of enlistment Person
Monroe, Stephen Place of enlistment Person
Bohannon, Thomas Place of enlistment Person
Allen, John [2] Place of enlistment Person