Wood, Henrietta


Wood, Henrietta
Henrietta Wood was born in Boone Co. and owned by the Tousey family. She was sold several times, then freed. She was kidnapped and sold south in 1853, having obtained her freedom only five years prior. She was held as a slave until the end of the Civil War, then served her former slaveholder for another four years before returning to Cincinnati in 1869. In 1870 she began the lawsuit against her captors that she ultimately won in 1878. She was awarded $2500.
Wood family
Birth date
circa 1822
Place of birth
Boone County (Ky.)
Slaveholder(s): Tousey, Moses; Cirrode, Jane
Tousey, Moses
Cirrode, Jane
Bibliographic citation(s)
Henrietta Woods Sues for Forced Slavery, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Oh., 16 Apr 1878

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