Northern Kentucky Marriages, 1795-1850


Northern Kentucky Marriages, 1795-1850
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Situated across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio, the three Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell, and Kenton boasted a total population of over 40,000 in 1850. This database seeks to illuminate a few of those residents by listing marriages in the three counties between 1795 and 1850. Information provided includes the names of bride and groom, marriage date and location. This collection represents every publicly available bit of information on marriages in the area before 1850.
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Title Class
Acra, Reuben Person
Acra, Robert B. Person
Aldridge, Rachel Person
Alexander, James G. Person
Allen, Claiborn Person
Allen, Ira Person
Allen, Lucy Mosby Person
Anderson, George [1] Person
Anderson, James A. Person
Anderson, John [1] Person
Appleton, William Person
Armstrong, John Hume Person
Arnold, John Person
Arnold, Lewis Burns Person
Arnold, Thomas W. Person
Aylor, Ephraim Tanner Person
Aylor, James Franklin Person
Aylor, Lewis Person
Aylor, Michael Person
Aylor, Nancy Person
Aylor, Simeon Person
Aylor, Stanton Person
Aylor, William Michael Person
Baker, Steward Person
Balsley, Emily Person