White, Peggy


White, Peggy
Graves, Peggy
Bates, Peggy
Birth date
circa 1763
White, John
Life event(s)
Marriage 1: 9 Feb 1804; Orange County (Va.)
Orange County (Va.)
Marriage 2: 5 Jan 1810; Boone County (Ky.)
Boone County (Ky.)
Bates, Nancy Elizabeth
Bates, Willis T.
Death date
15 Jul 1845
Place of death
Boone County (Ky.)
Known enslaved: Bates, Clarissa [4]; Bates, Dinah [7]; Bates, Henry [41]; Bates, James Merion; Bates, Martha [16]; Bates, Martha [16]; Bates Mary [72]; Bates, Phoebe [1]; Bates, Sam [13]; Bates, Stephen [1]; Bates, Tom [31]; Bates, Urial
unknown, Clarissa [4]
unknown, Dinah [7]
unknown, Henry [41]
unknown, James Merion
unknown, Martha [16]
unknown, Mary [72]
unknown, Phoebe [1]
unknown, Sam [13]
unknown, Stephen [1]
unknown, Tom [31]
unknown, Urial
Enslaved held in 1840: Males, under 10, two; Males, 10 thru 23, four; Females, under 10, two; Females, 10 thru 23, three
Bibliographic citation(s)
FindAGrave.com, memorial #178107410
Boone County Will Book D, page 528
Boone County Will Book E, page 104
Boone County Will Book F, page 324

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Title Class
1840--Freedom for Clarissa Event
1840--Freedom for Dinah Event
1840--Freedom for Henry Event
1840--Freedom for James Merion Event
1840--Freedom for Martha Event
1840--Freedom for Mary Event
1840--Freedom for Pheobe Event
1840--Freedom for Sam Event
1840--Freedom for Stephen Event
1840--Freedom for Tom Event
1840--Freedom for Urial Event
Items with "Relationship: White, Peggy"
Title Class
unknown, Clarissa [4] Person
unknown, Dinah [7] Person
unknown, Henry [41] Person
unknown, James Merion Person
unknown, Martha [16] Person
unknown, Mary [72] Person
unknown, Phoebe [1] Person
unknown, Sam [13] Person
unknown, Stephen [1] Person
unknown, Tom [31] Person
unknown, Urial Person
Items with "Mother: White, Peggy"
Title Class
Bates, Nancy Elizabeth Person
Items with "Spouse(s): White, Peggy"
Title Class
Bates, William Person
Graves, William Person