Trundle, Thomas J.


Trundle, Thomas J.
Trimble, T. J., Dr.
Dr. Thomas Trundle frequently bartered with patients for his medical services, and provided loans through mortgage for many local landowners. As a result, conflict arose between Trundle and the many people who owed him money. Trundle was practicing medicine in Boone County, and records support the fact that many of the local slaveholders in the area bartered with him for medical care for the enslaved people nearby.
Trundle was a slaveholder, and at the peak of his success, owned about 700-1000 acres. The number of enslaved people appearing on his tax lists swings back and forth, between 4-13 people, varying from year to year, which is quite unusual. Many of the enslaved Trundle held were very young children, and there was at least one disabled person. He may have acquired some of these enslaved people during the course of his work, in trade for debt, rescuing them, in a sense.
Trundle was arrested in 1853 for "enticement of slaves." Fearing for his life, he asked for and received a change of venue to Kenton County, where he died of mysterious causes on the morning of his trial. Conflicting news reports claimed Trundle was either an abolitionist or slave stealer who sold slaves south for financial gain.
Birth date
Place of birth
Bourbon County (Ky.)
Life event(s)
Marriage: 30 Apr 1852; Boone County (Ky.)
Boone County (Ky.)
Utz, Martha Ann
Trundle, infant
Death date
17 Jun 1854
Place of death
Kenton County (Ky.)
Known enslaved: unknown, Sam [11]
unknown, Sam [11]
Enslaved held in 1850: Female, 35 years old, mulatto; Male, 22 years old, black; Male, 21 years old, black; Male, 19 yrs, black; Male, 17 years old, mulatto; Male, 13 years old, black; Female, 8 years old, mulatto; Male, 7 years old, mulatto; Male, 4 years old, mulatto; Male, 4 years old, mulatto; Male, 1 years old, black
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U.S., College Student Lists, 1763-1924

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